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This past May, the Steering Committee, along with the Leadership Team, launched the first Employee Pulse Survey, to help evaluate internal communiations and to support deeper employee engagement.
While the quarterly survey may evolve over time, the current focus is monitoring the effectiveness and impact of our internal communication tools as they relate to employee engagement and satisfaction.
You can find the full survey results here, and a high-level overview of the results below:
  • 72% agree or strongly agree, they are happy to be working at Destination Toronto;
  • 65% agree or strongly agree, All Hands are effective at connecting employees to the work of Destination Toronto;
  • 77% agree or strongly agree, the Intranet is an effective resource that enables employees to understand and access key DT policies and tools;
  • 71% agree or strongly agree, the Pulse Newsletter is effective in helping employees know what others are up to at Destination Toronto;
  • 71% agree or strongly agree, Google Spaces is effective at helping employees stay connected to the team at Destination Toronto;
  • 71% agree or strongly agree, they feel part of a team as it relates to their role at delivering on Destination Toronto’s Northstar;
  • 88% agree or strongly agree, that they understand how their role aligns to Destination Toronto’s annual business plan; and,
  • 71% agree or strongly agree, that Destination Toronto considers their health and safety as an employee.

The quarterly survey is open to any employee who has been with Destination Toronto for over 90 days. The next survey will be sent out in August 2022. 


Did you miss the June All-Hands meeting? While we don't typically record them, we knew there would be quite a few team members who missed the meeting because of the long weekend. Watch the recording here


Toronto is a welcoming, diverse and inspiring city worthy of attention. In the new  ‘You Gotta See What We See’ campaign, we share our city with our audience and invite them to experience it through our eyes.

Through the eyes of passionate Toronto Ambassadors who embody the city’s values and perspectives, we amplify what they love about this city. We will show places that inspire, activities that make Toronto special, and experiences that are uniquely us.

Then we’ll extend an invitation to our audience to enjoy these unique experiences themselves. In short, we will invite them to see what we see. Because ‘You Gotta See What We See’.

  • Media Spend:  $2.5MM 
  • Target Markets: NYC / San Fran & San Jose / Chicago / Washington, DC
  • In-market dates:  Week of July 11 - Early September

We're in discussions to confirm a MARVELous and famous Torontonian to participate in the campaign. Send Stanton Singh a chat if you didn't guess from our hint. But mums the word until this particular video launches in August!

Watch the videos

The Promo Video

East Coast Teaser

West Coast Teaser


To continue the excitement of the recently launched Never Have I Ever, TO Confessions campaign, the media relations team has been hard at work as they launch Destination Toronto's first-ever gourmet road trip! 

The week of July 11th, Chef Craig Wong from Toronto's Patois Toronto and Bar Mignonette is upping the stakes as he prepares to take his skills on the road. Complimentary while supplies last, each dish is inspired by an iconic Toronto neighbourhood and features Wong’s signature fusion of flavours. 


    • Monday July 11, 2022, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. 
    • Tuesday July 12, 2022, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. 
    • Thursday, July 14, 2022, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    • Friday, July 15, 2022, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    • Saturday, July 16, 2022, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.


  • Midtown (Jerk Pork Belly Cubano)
  • Old Town (St. Lawrence Salad)
  • West Side (Shrimp Salan on a Crispy Bao)
  • East Side (Flaming Patty, OPA!)
  • City Centre (Stadium French Toast)

Follow along @patoistoronto on Instagram as he and his team bring Toronto's special brand of food fusion to Kingston, Ottawa & Montreal. 


The results of the Never Have I Ever Confessions staff survey are in!

Topping the list of places we may see staff visiting this summer, as they never have before, are:

  • Reggae Lane in Little Jamaica: 73% Never Have
  • Sunset picnic in Riverdale Park East: 70% Never Have
  • Swim in Bluffer's Park Beach: 59% Never Have
  • Live theatre in the Park: 55% Never Have
  • Visit to Gerrard India Bazaar: 52% Never Have
  • Visit to Tommy Thompson Park: 52% Never Have


The list of spots and activities that have been visited by many of the DT team include:

  • Wandered the PATH: 100% Have
  • Drinks in the Junction: 73% Have
  • Mexican food in Kensington Market: 68% Have
  • Crossed the Humber River Bridge: 66% Have
  • Shopped in Roncesvalles Village: 59% Have




Welcoming (and welcoming back!) our newest Destination Toronto team members:
Shannon Szucs, Senior Manager, Global Marketing (she/her) She will be leading our domestic marketing programs, both hyperlocal and in our drive and short haul fly markets. Shannon comes to DT with deep DMO marketing expertise working for Northwest Territories Tourism and Blue Mountain Village Association. Shannon has travelled to every province and territory in Canada outside of Newfoundland/Labrador and Nunavut, her very own Never Have I Ever.  
Tanya Wadgymar, Office Coordinator (she/her) Tanya has re-joined our team to support both Finance and Community Engagement Teams. Since originally joining DT in 2019,  Tanya has held previous roles as Sales Coordinator and Administration Business Manager. If you have not yet met Tanya she will be on-site in our HQ Offices 3 days each week. 
If you've not done so yet, feel free to send them a note to say hi and introduce yourself!


Shout out to Maxine Morrell-West! A tour operator posted the below in the National Tour Association (NTA) on-line  Engage platform that shares insights amongst NTA members:

“Hi NTA members (especially Tour Operators),

In the ever-changing world we are living, there is one thing clear to me as a tour operator is using (not abusing) my DMO friends. I needed some updates in Toronto, and I immediately emailed Maxine Morrell-West. We/she followed up with a quick phone call (how refreshing), and within less than 24 hours, I had an email in return with the information I needed. Our access to our DMO friends to share our needs and get information is just an incredible availability, and the time savings is invaluable. 

When planning, please don't forget your DMOs. If you need something in Toronto, here is your woman! I thank you, Maxine! “

Do you have a win or kudos you want included in next month's newsletter? Email us with your shout out! 



moving forward

An at-a-glance look at the month ahead for the DT teams.




After a successful year prior attendance at American Water Works Association (AWWA) in San Antonio in June, that saw attendance hit over 8,000, AWWA is keen to begin planning for Toronto 2023 as they forecast 10,000+ in attendance. 

Destinations International 

We are looking forward to welcoming Destinations International July 19 - 22, 2022 with many activations that include the Opening Night Reception taking place at Steamwhistle Brewing and the Toronto Hub located on Level 600 of the MTCC. Volunteer positions are still available! We invite you to join us for an opportunity to be together, supporting this important event. Speak with Lindsay Cowell for more details on volunteering. 


Out and about in the US market:

  • ACCESSE 2022 - July 19-21, 2022 - Richmond, VA
  • AMC Institute: Engaged Meeting - July 19 - 20, 2022 - Detroit
  • Toronto hosted Client Event:  'RoofTop Chicago' - July 21, 2022
  • Toronto Sales Mission:  New York & New Jersey - July 25 - 28, 2022
  • CEMA Summit - July 31 - August 2, 2022 - Nashville, TN

International team activities include:

  • The Meetings show - July 1, 2022 - London, UK
  • Toronto's bid presentation for IUSS 2023 - July 31 - August 5, 2022 Glasgow, Scotland
  • Travel Trade team is working with Destination Development & Global Marketing to identify and introduce specific amenities within the partner portal to assist in future business development for the travel trade business channel.
  • Confirming joint marketing proposals in the UK & German markets with Destination Ontario, key trade partners and Global Marketing.




  • NHIE Confessions campaign continuing in-market through July, with initial planning beginning for the Holiday NHIE campaign.
  • The new You Gotta See What We See campaign is launching this summer in target markets NYC, San Fran & San Jose, Chicago, and Washington, DC. The campaign is in-market the week of July 11 to Early September.



  • Food truck road trip: Never Have I Ever, TO Confessions campaign, Destination Toronto's first-ever gourmet road trip.
  • Media event to promote Toronto in Montreal to close off the NHIE road trip
  • Teens love Toronto press trip. The media FAM will highlight things to do in Toronto with teenagers.

United States & International

  • Wellness in Toronto Press Trip, July 6-10: Highlighting the city's sustainable and wellness offerings to German media
  • Destination's International Press Trip, July 17-19 for US Meetings & Events publications
  • Hosting US freelancer writer Rosalind Cummings to highlight the city's Afro Caribbean culinary scene.



  • As of the end of June all applications received by RTO5 for the Tourism Relief Fund have been processed and assessed. More than 190 applications were received - more than any other region in the province. The adjudication committee composed of representatives from the Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto has sent its recommended projects and allocations to FedDev Ontario for final approval. Once that approval is received, the TRF team will communicate the news to all recipients and begin the process of signing funding agreements with each recipient business. All organizations that applied will receive a response, whether their application was successful or not.
  • The Business Intelligence team is putting the finishing touches on the latest suite of quarterly reports through the end of the second quarter. The Sales Production Report, Pace Report and Marketing Insights Report will all be published in early July and shared via the Terminal and Terminal 2, along with a new Market Readiness Index. 
  • We are into a heavy schedule of EDGE events with last week's session on Land Acknowledgments (more information including a link to the video to come in this week's Terminal 2). The next EDGE event is July 12, part of the Digital Readiness series, this one focusing on strategies for video content, followed by another Digital Readiness session in August on digital checklists for small businesses.
  • Following the launch of Toronto Inc at Collision in June, we are working very aggressively with the partners to expand communications and leverage the momentum of the announcement. Watch for more on Toronto Inc including a new web site and content from our partners on The Terminal in the coming weeks. 
  • Advocacy efforts include outreach to new Ontario Minister of (the newly renamed Ministry) of Tourism, Culture and Sport, as well as the new Parliamentary Assistants and new Deputy Minister. In addition, we continue to work to ensure the forthcoming federal Tourism Strategy reflects the distinct needs of Canada's major urban destinations, and of Toronto specifically.



  • The Leadership Committee continues to work towards advancing the EDI Framework. In the coming month, we will share a new page on the Intranet that will become a home for the in-process framework, as well as provide a place to share updates and resources.



Destination Toronto’s CRM wiki


Destination Toronto Intranet

HIVE app

DT Office Pre-access Questionnaire



At the June All-Hands, a new pilot project hungerhub was announced, beginning July 5 to September 27. If you work in the office on Tuesdays your lunch will be provided by DT through food delivery service hungerhub Uncatering.

How to start:

You should have received an email from hungerhub which contains your login details (if you already have an existing account the login details are the same). If you cannot find the email, or deleted it, you can simply click on "Forgot Password" on the page to create a new password. Hungerhub's Uncatering works even better when you download the apple or android app to your phone 

Once logged in you can order your lunch for the week ahead in advance, or choose day by day, just please be sure to order by 10:30am on Tuesday, click on place order to finalize and send your order to the restaurants. We have set a $20 limit for each lunch.

Lunch will be delivered between 12:00pm-12:30pm on Tuesdays for those of you in the office and you can track the progress via the real-time ETA updates in the app. 

Your lunch will arrive in an individual bag with your name on it, ready to enjoy!

Also, just a reminder if you are in the office, please remember to book and check-in through the HIVE App apple or android  or the website (more info on the intranet here).

getting to know

Each edition of PULSE, we’re asking 3 questions to 3 phenomenal DT team members. We’re willing to bet you’ll learn a few tidbits about some of our fave DT people. 

Warren Yarde (he/him)
Office Manager
What is your favourite WFH accessory?
My 8 month old granddaughter comes in to visit every day I work from home. Now she can push the door open and crawl in. Can’t beat that smiling face. If you have 5 or 6 hours to look at baby pics, I've got you covered!
What project are you most looking forward to in the coming months?
Although we are fully open and functioning, capping off the office renovation with new art will be the crown.  
What is your favourite destination outside of Toronto?
Barbados, like Toronto, if you have the time to venture you will find that gem you didn’t know before. But the rum is a whole lot cheaper!

Kathrin A. Jin (she/her)
Sales Director, International Corporate

What is the most unique thing you have within reach of your desk:
I have a toy Shelby Cobra 427 on my desk to remind me of how hard I need to work for my goals and one day achieve this car

Tell us about your most memorable trip
Most memorable trip is when I moved to Egypt and went through the original Mubarak Uprising in 2011. I experienced so many things but to see the people and culture come together as everything was falling was one of the most enlightening moments of my life.

Tell us about the best Toronto experience you’ve had this year
Gay pride is one of the best experiences I have ever had and continue to have. My best friend is Indigenous Gay from a small Northern Ontario community (where I grew up) and to experience the love, acceptance and passion of the LGBT community in Toronto during that time of celebration is amazing. I am so proud to know I live in a city as welcoming as Toronto.

Mary-Ruth Ruso (she/her)
 Administrative Business Manager

What is your favourite WFH accessory? 
My favourite WFH accessory is my electric heated blanket!  I’m always freezing in the winter (and fall… and spring) and it keeps me nice and cozy while I’m at my desk. 
What destination is at the top of your 2022 travel list?
I’m hoping to take my kids backcountry camping somewhere in Ontario this summer. We did a test run camping for 1 night at a local provincial park a few weeks ago and it was a blast. If anyone knows of any good spots, please share!
What’s your favourite Toronto restaurant?
Salad King has been my favourite Toronto restaurant since forever. It was a hole in the wall type of place originally located on Gould Street, much loved by Ryerson residents, before a fire destroyed the building and the new location was opened on Yonge Street. Simple and delicious spicy Thai food - quick service and economical, what’s not to love!


Maxine Morrell-West - twenty-five year anniversary (July 22, 1997)
Tara Gordon - eighteen year anniversary (July 12, 2004)
Stephanie Uy - fifteen year anniversary (July 9, 2007)
Alison Owers-Graham - ten year anniversary (July 2, 2012)
Dan Young - five year anniversary (July 11, 2017)


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